traveling to California.  I'll be shooting two weddings, and I'm slightly scared of it. I'm tired just thinking about it.

missing Lance!

planningour trip to the Great Smokey Mountains. I'm soooo excited. Hiking. The wildnerness. Rest and reading.

reading books and books about the wilderness! I'm trying to get in the mood for our Appalachian Adventure.

watching The Tracks (It's on Netflix!).  It's such a fascinating story.  After this movie & Wild, I want to go on a long trek! (Also just finished watching The Cove which was incredibly disturbing.)

swooning over the three advanced reader books I my local library gave me for signing up for their summer reading program! (The Sunlit Night, The Turner House & I Take You) I feel special

thinking of how I ended up where I ended up. It's remarkable how unexpected this life is. I love it.

loving this beautifully, warm (mostly humidity-free) weather.  I'm actually sad the weather in the Bay is still cool.

eating a chocolate covered frozen banana. Lance got me hooked.

editing a video. I never do videos but this one was for HP so I just had to do it! I'm excited to post it on the blog on Friday.

wanting that awesome shirt (above) from Yellowhammer Creative. You can buy it here.

craving sushi.


Avondale Brewery. June 6, 2015 | Canon 5d markii 50mm f1.2/L