Top 5 Things to Do in Birmingham

HP is continuing their campaign, #BendTheRules.  And in the spirit of their campaign are promoting collaborations in the most unique ways.  Their video, HP x360 Behind The Scenes, inspired me to break out of my ordinary posts (and my introverted self) to connect with local bloggers through The Birmingham Bloggers to create a video that highlighted some of Birmingham's most beloved activities. In the video I loved how all people with different backgrounds and specialties came together for their collaboration.  With my own collaboration, I hoped to see Birmingham through the eyes of locals and was interested in their take on what Birmingham has to offer.

I've lived in Birmingham for six months now, hardly enough time to get really get to know a city. So I reached out to the Birmingham Bloggers and polled them to see what they thought were Birmingham's Top 5 Things to Do, and a few of its members were kind enough to offer me some insider information about some of the spots.  Using my trusty HP x360 computer I researched the five activities they suggested and curated the clips I filmed to create the video. I loved working them and hearing about their insights into the local culture.  Working with Birmingham Bloggers was such a great experience; they're such a wonderful and supportive group of bloggers that have so kindly introduced to me to what a wonderful city Birmingham is.

Check out the video that inspired us, HP x360 Behind The Scenes, and what we came up with in the video (above) and the list below!

1. Pepper Place Market

"Fresh produce is a surprisingly strong influence on Southern food culture, despite our frying prowess, and Pepper Place Farmers Market is your best introduction to local ingredients. Running every Saturday from 7am 'til noon, April through December, the market features fresh food and local makers, with plenty of human interest along the way. Case in point: Stop by the Jones Valley Teaching Farm  and Pie Lab booths for their food-as-community stories. While you're at it, revel in the amazing transformation Pepper Place has made from industrial site to artisanal center. And even if you're not headed back to a home kitchen, you can still try some of my Pepper Place favorites: Fatback Pig Project bacon samples, Big Spoon Creamery ice cream sandwiches, and City Bee Company honey." - Steph Narayanan

Steph is a Birmingham-based blogger and freelance writer. She's also a committed foodie and design junkie who appreciates a balanced personal budget. Follow her mission to make those traits work together on her blog.

2. Visit Birmingham's Breweries

"It's great to live in a town that focuses on all things local, and that idea extends to our beer. With four breweries and taprooms in the downtown area, it's easy to spend an afternoon sampling a pale ale, small-batch brew, or flight at each brewing company  Though many of these establishments are new to the area, each brewery has a story to tell - and a strong connection to the Magic City. Avondale Brewing Co., was founded in 2011 but each of its signature beers, found in the taproom, have been given a name that reflects the area's rich history. As an example, Miss Fancy's Tripel is named after the famed elephant Miss Fancy, who called Avondale Park (the former site of the Birmingham Zoo) her home in the city's early days. Cahaba Brewing Co., Good People Brewing Co., and Trim Tab Brewing Co. also enjoy close ties to Birmingham, a connection that manifests itself in different ways. Cahaba Brewing is named after the Cahaba River that runs through the Magic City, Good People was established by locals, and you can find one of the city's famed "It's Nice to Have You in Birmingham" murals, made by the Magic City Mural Collective (MCMC) on the side of Trim Tab's taproom. I love craft beer and trying out new ones so that was a big factor in visiting each of them over the past year. I enjoy spending an afternoon trying out small batch beers or ordering a flight, and learning about what makes each brew unique. All of the breweries are located in adjacent neighborhoods, so take an afternoon to check out what makes each of them unique and sample some great local beer!" - Kimberly White

Kimberly is a twenty-something higher education professional living and working in Birmingham, Alabama. Her blog, Leadership Development & Life in the Yellowhammer State, focuses on topics related to higher education and student affairs, such as leadership studies, the internship and job search process, and experiential education. Her blog also features local establishments that make the Magic City a wonderful place to live. Follow Kimberly on twitter.

3. See Vulcan

"For the 4 years that I was a college student at Samford University, one thing was certain- if a boy took you to the Vulcan you were either getting a first kiss, taking pictures before a dance, or getting proposed to. Vulcan park is notorious as one of Birmingham's most romantic spots. If my husband asks, I am aware of this from seeing other couples cuddled up in the shadows of Mr. Vulcan... Not from any personal experiences. Aside from the great walking and hiking trails, the Park also has a fantastic museum that highlights the rise and fall of Birmingham's steel industry. People always ask me why the  Roman god of the forge and iron work symbolizes our town. Be a good Birmingham-ite and visit the museum to learn some good history of our town. When my in-laws come to town for their first B-ham trip, visiting Vulcan Park is at the top of our list!" - Shelby Simone

When Shelby started her blog a year ago she had a handsome boyfriend and 52 students that she called he kids. A year later that handsome man is her husband and he gave her a beautiful son. Her blog is about how they got here, where they are going, and everything in between.  Follow Shelby on instagram, twitter and facebook.

4. Hiking

"Among the other wonderful things to do, Birmingham offers a wide variety of hikes throughout the city.  It boasts scenic spots like Oak Mountain and Ruffner Mountain which overlook the city.  I personally love the hiking around here because there's a hike for all types of people. For example, enjoy an easy hike with family at Red Mountain where you can explore abandon mines and try your hand at the ropes course up in the trees.  Hiking in Birmingham is one of my favorite activities!

5. Explore the Botanical Gardens

Enjoy a day at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens where you can explore their Japanese Garden, walk through their beautiful trails or visit their conservatory.  Spend the day strolling through the gardens and eat a picnic lunch in one of their many lush spots.  Afterwards you can look through  the onsite Botanical Library, have a cup of coffee or stay until sunset for one of their evening movies at the Gardens. 


This post was sponsored by HP but all the opinions are my own.