31 Things I learned at 31

Recently my birthday passed, and I wanted to reflect on everything I learned when I was 31. It seems like no matter how old I get I'm always learning more. (And actually one key thing, I'm learning more and more how right my parents were... about almost everything.) While I know I'll never be perfect, I want to always strive to grow in character and know myself better. 

1. Keeping in touch with friends and family takes work, but it’s worth it.

2. Moving a business is not easy, but God can change the direction of my life and business in the most unexpected and wonderful ways.

3. The only way for me to keep a house/apartment clean is to tidy a little every day throughout the day.

4. Living in my own house is a dream.

5. Marriage is better than I could have imagined.

6. I will probably never fully understand southern culture.

7. To reach my goals I have to focus on small, consistent steps. (That’s how I reached my reading goal!)

8. Don’t knock it before you try it. I was skeptical of living of Birmingham, but I actually love it more than anything. 

9. I never knew just how much I loved surprises until I married a man who loved to surprise me.

10. Waking up early, early to drive Lance to work is a good thing. I dislike the waking up aspect of driving him to work, but I love to be awake for the entire morning. I’m just so productive. I love it. 

11. I love shooting film. Who knew? I love instant film, but I discovered how wonderful shooting on a film SLR was.

12. Hiking is really one of my favorite activities.

13. “Buggy” is the southern term for a shopping cart. “Keeping a baby” means babysitting. And “dinner” sometimes means lunch. 

14. Alabama heat and humidity isn’t nearly as bad as I was told it was. 

15. Alabama is incredibly colder than I thought it’d be.

16. I love road trips. In fact I might say that I love a road trip more than international travel. Maybe. 

17. I can’t travel the way I used to (all the time and for long periods of time). I can’t bear being away from Lance for long. Plus… I’m old now. 

18. I don’t have to go to a non-denominational church to be happy. I feel more at home at my current church, which is Lutheran, than any church I ever attended before. 

19. Owning real plants that stay alive make me feel alive.

20. You can never have too many blankets.

21. You can make friends in the most unexpected places and situations. 

22. Fried green tomatoes are delectable. I’ve been missing out my whole life. 

23. Lance has impeccable taste in tv shows and movies. (Thank you for making me watch Mad Max.)

24. Driving is fun (but still terrifying).

25. I like grocery shopping and running errands.

26. How to cook corned beef. Woot!

27. The library is truly a magical place. I’m so sad it took me so long to take advantage of it.

28. I just don’t have the energy to be a night owl anymore. I need to be in bed before midnight. 

29. It always pays to be kind and nice.

30. You can never say “I love you” too much. 

31. It only gets better.


My Lemon Poppy Birthday Cake, Feast & Forest, 212 24th Street North, Birmingham, AL | Canon 5d markii + 50mm 1.2L