Taking Control of What I Share Online

Have you heard of the Sudo app?  It’s a powerful app with a pretty awesome concept based on empowering people while they use the internet and connect with people.  Every day I use the internet, whether it’s to browse ebay for furniture for our new house or to connect with clients for my business.  And while I use the internet, I may unknowingly be sharing my personal information online.  That’s where Sudo comes in.  It’s a “powerful new way to protect your safety, privacy and personal data when you’re socializing and connecting online and off.”

I personally love the idea of Sudo.  With Sudo I can create a free persona with its own phone number and email address.  That information can be used whenever I need to protect my private information. Ever since I started marketing my business online I've received a steady flow of spam calls because I had to list my phone number in the ad. Now that I have Sudo, that doesn't happen anymore! Instead of sharing my personal phone number or paying to create a business line, I can just use my Sudo phone number. I feel like I've been able to take back control of my personal information. I also love that I can give clients this separate phone number. Once in a while I get that one client that wants to contact me at all hours of the night, so Sudo helps me keep balance and boundaries between my personal and business life.  

Some of Sudo’s key features include safe communication; a secure browser for safe online browsing and shopping; private personas to use to call, text and email people; SudoVault which is a safe payment method; and Social: SudoSpace which is more private way to connect with people.

If you're worried about your personal information while using the internet, this is the app for you.  Sudo is available now if you have an iphone; you can download it now.  It's coming to android based phones soon, so join the waitlist, and keep at eye out for their future roll out for the Mac OS desktop app!

Disclaimer: This blog post was sponsored by Sudo. While I did receive compensation for writing this post, all the content and opinions are my own. 


Birmingham, AL. March 22, 2016 | Canon 5d Markii + 50mm 1.2L