kissing up

My boyfriend's family lives out of state, and I've never met any of them. So, in hopes of making a good impression on his two sisters without being able to actually meet them, I've made them earrings. My boyfriend is leaving tomorrow to go back home, then, in a week he heads out to Colorado to see them. SO.... I have a very short time to make them. (I got the idea to make them earrings today.) They are very simple and made quickly. Here they are! 003earrings1.jpg



bizarre bazaar

Today, against my better instincts to stay at home and cozy up with my visiting boyfriend, I ventured out to San Francisco for the Bizarre Bazaar. And, although the vendors were wonderful, there weren't enough! There were so many things I wanted to buy, but so many things I couldn't afford. All in all, it was a real treat, and my poor boyfriend suffered through the traffic (an hour at the Bay Bridge toll plaza) and the crowds. I'll show you the great earrings I got soon!

for all you scrapbookers....

So my sister-in-law works for mixbook. It's this great online scrapbooking site, but it's not like any other site. Here are some things that make mixbook really fun and unique:- You can develop your own scrapbook online and invite your friends to collaborate. The end product is an online scrapbook compiled by you and all your friends (or you can do it by yourself). - There are many layouts and backgrounds to choose from. - You can post your digital books on other websites - You can print these books as well. Usually it costs $12.99 for 20 pages and more money for each additional page (but it's very affordable). All books are high quality paperback books. Right now, in the month of December books start at $9.99 instead of the usual $12.99. - Signing up is free!

Have fun!!!