india | on the road again. from dehli to agra

At the start of my India trip I was surprised to discover how short our trip was.  We actually only toured India for four days; the other four days of our trip was traveling.  So the day after I arrived in Delhi, we headed in our tour bus to Agra which was about 6 hours ish away.  The ride was long but I was thoroughly entertained by the sights we drove by.  India reminds me a lot of the other countries I've visited but in many ways so vastly different.  It's fascinating. The thing I do love about traveling from one spot to another is the journey you experience over a short amount of time.  Although we had few  spots, I feel like I saw parts of India I'd never see if not for this tour bus.  In fact I'm certain of it.  That saying "It's the journey not the destination" is so true.  This long ride gave me the time to sit and think about my life and where I was heading and where I wanted it to end up.  There's a lot about me that changed over this short period of time.  Traveling always does that to me.  It changes me.  Experiencing other cultures and worlds in and of itself is life changing but I also go through a personal transformation on all these trips.  The other day I remember how all this traveling started.  I was using it as an escape from an unhealthy relationship and a way of validating myself, trying to prove to myself that I was worth something.  I used it as a crunch.  And over time somehow it's become a catalyst.  A means to thwart my life into an even better direction.  I think of it as warp speed.  :)

The amazing thing to me about India is its vehicular movement.  How pedestrians, cars, trucks, bicycles and motorcycles all share the same road without any seemingly apparent organization is incredible.  I've heard drivers in India were crazy, but I honestly felt pretty safe both in our tour bus and in the cars arranged for us.  India is pretty spectacular.  I love that in writing these blog posts I'm reliving these experiences.   I'm so glad to have a blog and always have a place to share my thoughts and experiences. I love this archive of my life that is this blog.