San Francisco Engagement Session | Amelia & Brian

This is going to be a majorly long blog post of pictures.

One of my favorite friends, Amelia, is getting married this coming Sunday.  I haven't been more excited about attending a wedding in a long time.  She and Brian have been dating since 2007 and their relationship has survived 2.5 of mine. :)  I met her in kindergarten, and we went to school together until we graduated 13 years later.  Although we weren't really friends until later in our adolescence, I've really grown to appreciate Amelia's friendship in my life.  She, our other friend, Jess, and I meet for fairly regular dinners where we spend hours catching up talking like the old friends we are.  Traveling usually keeps both Amelia and I from California, but every time I see her it's like we just saw each other the week before.  She is probably the most lighthearted person I know.  She's the perfect blend of easy going and responsible.  She's always the optimist with her cheerful and usually wise outlook on life.

I remember the first couple of months Amelia started dating Brian.  I was like, "Who is this guy?  He sounds like a jerk!".   And of course I thought he was jerk because I only knew about the bad stuff.  But sure enough when I met Brian I realized that all his positive traits completely outweigh any of the bad ones.  Honestly, six years later I can't imagine Amelia with any other man.  He compliments her in every way a husband should, and I couldn't be happier for both of them.

This engagement session was a lot of fun.  I did discover how much harder it is to photograph/direct good friends.  There were too many times I distracted myself by laughing.

Amelia hired an amazing photographer to shoot her wedding.  So I am so excited to attend her wedding.  I'll be shooting the getting-ready portion of the day, but I'm looking forward to the vows and cocktail hour and dancing that I usually miss when I'm shooting a wedding.  Yay!!! I love weddings!