1081 macaron.JPG

I wish this picture was my life. Light, airy, sweet.

My life like most lives consists of plenty of those lows that make the highs so great.  I know too well the dirty, gritty things that life sometimes serves.  And every now and then I wonder why other people have it so easy.  Most of the time I can appreciate life.  Most of the time I'm grateful for the adversity that's molded my character.  Most of the time I know that I can pull through and conquer in any situation.  Most of the time I love my life.  But little hopeless moments here and there try to steal those things from me... the appreciation, the contentment, the confidence.   So what do I do?  I punch it in the face and think of macarons. light.airy.sweet.  haha.  Life is much too short to dwell on what I'm lacking.  Instead I try to be thankful for everything I do have.  There are things about my life I'd change but for the most part I have a great life. yay.