india | through the city like a local

On our first touring day in New Delhi, we got to ride a rickshaw through the city.  These bicycle-drawn carriages seem like one of the more common modes of transportation in New Delhi.  My friend, Cherish, and I were squeezed in one.  As we went through the city we tried not to fall out while taking pictures of everything left and right.  I shot all these pictures with my 45 tilt-shift lens, which is manual focus, and had a pretty hard time focusing so good amount of the time I just soaked in the sights. Riding around New Delhi reminded me some parts of Dubai, the Dominican Republic and Peru.  New Delhi is definitely not as developed as I expected.  Most of the roads are somewhere in between a paved country road and a dirt road.  And many of the buildings I saw looked like they were ready to fall apart. At one point, my favorite part, we rode through a maze of alleys. Everything in its own way was beautiful and full of character. I should note that at some parts the pedestrians walked faster than we were riding.

The rickshaw was the best way to get a quick view of a large part of Delhi.