india | on the road

New Delhi, India

Spending a lot of time in a vehicle seems to be indicative of a tour. This being chauffeured around, of course, was very foreign to me. Ordinarily I'd be scrounging around some strange map or website looking for the public transportation and walking route to some random destination.  Being bussed around like a tour had its pros and cons.  On the bus we had plenty of space, fifteen seats for the eight of us.  Plus air conditioning was great.  Because of the bus we saw a lot of India in a very short amount of time.  Plus it was super convenient to be driven around without the hassle of figuring out transportation on my own.  With all that said on the bus I often did wish that we could stop and interact with the locals.  Being on the bus created a wall between us and India.  I felt like we weren't ever really about to really get to know India at its heart, not like I have with other countries.

As a person who walks everywhere, I believe its the best way to get a real feel for a place.  Walking forces you to look at your surroundings and take it all in, slowly.  India was a blur.  It's a country I'd like to visit again, but travel through it on a real personal level.

All the images in this post were taken through a window, quickly driving pass the subjects of the images.  There was a real disconnect for me who really enjoys the connection of taking a picture.  I felt so cut off from India being in that van.  India was beautiful but I would have loved to interacted more outside of the tourist bubble.