It's one of those lovely kind of days.  I get out of bed and open the blinds to let the light wake me up.  I open up the windows, and I'm thankful it already smells like summer here in California.  I spend my day editing and falling more in love.  The Civil Wars play endlessly in the background.  When love comes it comes in all forms.  I feel it when I spend afternoons with clients hunting down that perfect spot for pictures.  I  remember it when I read about that boy who's a hopeless romantic.  I know it when my dad takes out my garbage and asks me if I need help.  And I experience it every time I talk on the phone with the one I love. In just a short amount of time I won't be sitting alone in my room editing.  I'll be sitting with someone in his room editing. Oh… and watching Harry Potter. yay! 

The picture above is an outtake from Michelle & Gary's Monday engagement session. It took a lot of driving and mapping and exploring, but we found the spot we were looking for!