It's one of those lovely kind of days.  I get out of bed and open the blinds to let the light wake me up.  I open up the windows, and I'm thankful it already smells like summer here in California.  I spend my day editing and falling more in love.  The Civil Wars play endlessly in the background.  When love comes it comes in all forms.  I feel it when I spend afternoons with clients hunting down that perfect spot for pictures.  I  remember it when I read about that boy who's a hopeless romantic.  I know it when my dad takes out my garbage and asks me if I need help.  And I experience it every time I talk on the phone with the one I love. In just a short amount of time I won't be sitting alone in my room editing.  I'll be sitting with someone in his room editing. Oh… and watching Harry Potter. yay! 

The picture above is an outtake from Michelle & Gary's Monday engagement session. It took a lot of driving and mapping and exploring, but we found the spot we were looking for!

San Francisco Engagement Photography | Julie & Wade

Julie and Wade met during their services in the military. They withstood years of long distance and four deployments.  The way these two are around each other, you'd think they just started dating!  It's so obvious how much they love each other's company.  Photographing them was such a joy.  They epitomized effortless and love and easy going.  I can't wait to photograph their wedding next year in Pennsylvania!  Yay!

p.s. I just love that they have 3 dogs. I love dogs!!