RPTE 43: Bangkok Boogy.

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 18: Bangkok

When we finally reached Bangkok, we took the subway to the Chatuchak Weekend Market and I grabbed this picture of some of the RPTE people. Dane was giving me the finger, but for the sake of innocent, virgin blog eyes, I photoshopped it out. :) But if you click the picture for a larger view and look real closely at the reflection in the background you can see Dane giving the finger. ha!

I think we were talking about the silk pocket incident. :)

Something green an pretty at the market.

Last but not least, Amy! Love ya!

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RPTE 2: Chatuchak Weekend Market

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 3: Bangkok

I woke yesterday morning with some glorious light in my bedroom.

As I left my hotel, I was off to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It is the largest market in Thailand and pretty much the largest market I have ever seen in my life. It is absolutely HUGE (app. 35 acres of market goodness)! I read somewhere that in order to see every single vendor, you need to spend at least three full days.

The market was filled with all sorts of wondrous things. Vendors with live animals. All kinds of clothing both Americanish and Thai style. Yards and yards of silk.

I've also become obsessed with elephants as I have seen cute-sie elephants everywhere in this market. (i.e. souveniers = all elephant!)

All different kinds of fresh veggies and fruits could also be found at this market. Many I'm familiar with, and many I've never seen in my life. These particular fruits and veggies in the following pictures were pretty, but kind of plastic looking.

If I could, I would buy tons of lanterns and lights at this market!

These fans that we saw were super oscilating. They turned like a human head would. Think: draw circles in the air with your noise, and that's how the fan rotated! Spectacular as this particular day was 90 degrees.

We were getting super thirsty, so I tried this coconut drink. I was afraid I might get sick from the ingredients they used (water...), but I tried it anyways. It was delicious and hit my dehydrated spot!

I also spied this little guy in one of the food vendor's kitchen. Cute!

Evidently, this Thai iced tea guy was super famous for his acrobatics.

A garbage truck came by and picked up everyone's garbage. The people in the market had to throw their garbage bags up at these people riding in the truck.

The random umbrellas saved me from the heat.

There were exposed wires everywhere.

And like many other markets in Asia, offerings to the gods were littered throughout the market place.

On a final note, I was traveling with two (white) people and there was this group of kids that got really excited and asked to take pictures with them!

Chatuchak Weekend Market