The Diary of a Disappointed Book

As time passes, my life changes and I develop a better sense of what I do and don't like.  I hated reading through my childhood and school years.  Boring, boring, boring.  Books should have pictures.  I started a ton of books, but rarely finished one.  Before college, I only recall finishing  Robinson Crusoe (which I read when I was 9) and The Jungle.*   That was odd.  If I hated reading, why did I enjoy those two books?  A paradox, yeah?  At the time I didn't realize the true reason why I hated reading; I just thought reading was boring... I didn't really hate reading; I just hated reading boring books.  When I reached college, I realized I LOVED reading.  I found books that really captivated me and I felt contributed to my growth as a person.  During college I read every single architecture, environmental sustainability and urban planning textbook in every class I took.  And, if you can imagine, I had 192 units worth of classes and textbooks, so that's a lot of reading.  That's just how much I loved to read.

Nowadays I almost always have a book with me.  I've found I love to read nonfiction or instructional books.  I'm currently trying to finish Eat, Pray, Love and some books about business and finance. I LOVE books!

Anyways... I hope this movie encourages you all to read!

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The Diary of a Disappointed Book by Studiocane on Vimeo

*To this day, The Jungle is my favorite book.  I love the historical basis of the novel.  I love that the FDA was started as a result of this book.  I love Upton Sinclair, the author