what i've been up to...

So I've wanted to start beading with all the beautiful beads that I bought, but I haven't had the time. My niece's birthday party was coming up so I spent some time helping out. It was a cold, rainy day. 009birthday1.jpg

I made this super cute banner. It was pink and magenta with white letters. Only the second half of the banner is shown, my niece's name is not shown. 009birthday2.jpg

The best part was decorating the cake with fondant! So yummy! 009birthday3.jpg


I thought the walrus looked strange. I couldn't figure it out until i saw this picture. It's missing a nose! 009birthday5.jpg

This is the sketch I had drawn the night before I made the walrus. Look, there's a nose! 009birthday7.jpg

Here is my niece. (For my sister's wedding, I made a bride and groom penguin for their cake topper) 009birthday6.jpg