A Cozy Love Shoot | Jensine & Sam

Christmas Tree Portrait Photographer | Jensine & Sam When I talk about the people in my life to other people, I use some sort of description to label them.  Some of my friends are my "little friend" or "the bart friend" or the "girls I met through my Christian photography group friends" or my "supermom friend".  Jensine is my "friend who was my camper" friend.  I met her years ago when I was in college counseling at a high school church camp and she was my camper.  I'm pretty sure I liked her right away. (Of course, have you met her?!)  Well, between college and life we lost touch.  Before I knew it she had graduated college and gotten married.  She contacted me randomly to photograph her and her husband, Sam, shortly before their first anniversary.

Since that first photoshoot, we've kept in touch and developed a friendship I cherish.  For me it was an interesting adjustment, as with any camper/counselor relationship we talked about boys back then; she had the issues and I had the advice.  But now we've had a sort of role reversal as our friendship's grown.  Here I am asking her advice about boys and relationships, and it gives me a chuckle when I think of it.  We go on adventures and talk and laugh and eat and read, all the things the perfect life is filled with, right?

She moved to Charleston recently, so we squeezed in a quick photoshoot of her and Sam right before their third wedding anniversary.  I had never been to a Christmas tree farm before.  It was simply magical.  Oh how I'll miss Jensine, and I'll probably have to change her descriptor to "my camper friend in Charleston" but it was so good to go on some last minute adventures before she left.  See you soon, Jensine!

Christmas Tree Portrait Photographer | Jensine & Sam Christmas Tree Portrait Photographer | Jensine & Sam Christmas Tree Portrait Photographer | Jensine & Sam

christmas spirit

May your days be merry and bright.

1324 christmas tree farm1

Feeling the Christmas spirit with this Christmas tree farm shoot.  Earlier in the day, I grabbed a quick lunch at Nordstroms.  On my way in I was merrily greeted by a very jolly "Merry Christmas"--my first this season, and it just kicked off the day wonderfully.  So arriving at the tree farm and smelling the pine everywhere got me so cozy and happy inside.  I'm always so excited to shoot, but this was especially exciting as I felt like a kid wandering through these trees.

Can't wait to go through the images from this shoot.  What gets you in the Christmas spirit? 1324 christmas tree farm2 1324 christmas tree farm3 1324 christmas tree farm4 1324 christmas tree farm5