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I'll take a little break from India posts to share a little about what's going on in my life.

Shortly after India I had the most fabulous type of jet-lag.  I went to bed at about 10pm and woke up around 6am.  I actually woke up several times before the sunrise.  Days like that went on for a couple of weeks, and I relished in extra energy and many accomplishments before my 11am lunch.  Yep... I like to eat lunch at 11am.  I also like to eat dinner at 5pm.  India was a surreal experience that I tried hard not to forget, but even now a month a later there's a lot I've already forgotten.  (Hopefully what I do vaguely remember is immortalized in this blog. ) Once I returned home it was nothing but work.  Is it just me or is wedding season exceptionally short this year?  I can't wait for January when everything dies down.  And for about three months I'll have it comparatively light.  Although I have three births to photograph at the beginning of the year.  I'm super excited!!!

Recently my laptop cord died... and I think my laptop has actually died a little as well, so I had to start using my new desktop.   For now my desktop lives in my sister's old room while I find time to make room for a desk in mine.  It's really nice to go to a separate room to work.  It actually makes working much more enjoyable and easy.  But with all this new energy to work, I've been going to bed at about 10am and waking up in the afternoon depending what I have to do that day.  Today I got out of bed after only sleeping for three hours.  Ever been so tired when you wake up that it hurts??  Yep.  That's me.  This is a painful reminder that it's not always how long you sleep, but when you sleep.  I considered skipping church today but pulled myself together and got to church.  I never regret going to church.

God speaks to me all the time in my daily life, but there's something so reassuring when God speaks to me through others.  And oftentimes what people tell me aligns with what God has told me.  Amazing, no??  For the most part I enjoy church so much.  I wonder how people go through life without God since I know how positively my life has been benefitted because of Him.  I don't at all look down on others who don't share my beliefs, but rather I just know my own life so well I can't imagine being without God.  Thinking about it, there were times I pulled away from God and wanted to do my own thing, but even then God never left me.  I hate to reference "Footprints in the Sand" because it's become so cliche, but it's true.  That's who God is.  Once you're in you're always in.