Gualala Point County Park | a hike through the woods

“Look deep into nature,and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

Gualala Point County Park

We ventured out of our cozy little town to explore the coastal highway. Through windy roads and corridors of towering trees the road led us to Gualala Point County Park.  While it poured south in the Bay Area, we enjoyed the glowing sun and clear skies on this day.  A trail brought us in and out of the forest and along the coast where we listened to the roaring tide, walking along the cliff's edge.  Along our hike we found the most gorgeous spots and hideaways and lookouts.  Pictures can't do this trail justice.  We of course had impromptu shoots along the way.  The light was gorgeous on this day.

I love the charm of the California coast.  While it's sandy and warm down south, the further north you go the more charming it gets, I think.  We exchange that warmth and those beaches for echoing surf and high, imposing cliffs lined with slender, umbrella-like trees.  I much prefer to wear a coat and enjoy fog.

.  .  .  .  .

As I looked through the pictures I realize most of my pictures of our hike are of Kim.  I suppose she was just always in front of me.