An ice cream finish.

Seattle Day 3 Although today is the fourth day of my seattle adventure, I'm going to talk about yesterday!  For lunch, my cousins and I head out to Seattle Center for the Bite of Seattle.  Imagine a park/outdoor area with tons of outdoor vendors.  Are you thinking "yummy"??  Well, you are correct!  Among some of the staples of funnel cake, hot dogs and other random festival food, there were seattle local yummies, like elephant ears and mighty-o donuts, and other unique yummies like the korean tacos and Tokyo Dogs!

After stuffing my tummy with delicious salty foods and a funnel cake, I craved some ice cream... so to Molly Moo we went!  I got raspberry hibicus sorbet with honey lavender ice cream.  So super delicious.  I dropped my bowl of ice cream after only eating half of it, but I took it as a sign that my pigging-out-fest was done.

So from last to first, here are some pictures.