Raleigh | Two men in a museum

As I walked through the North Carolina Museum of Art, I came across these two older men enjoying each other's company.  Earlier that day, I shared a conversation with an older lady who described her life as a widower, mother, business owner and part-time museum worker.  She must have been in her 60s or 70s, but she was radiant.  I admire older people so much, and when they have something to say, I make a point to listen.  They understand life and have experienced its full potential.  Then I was reminded of what my friend, Geoff, had said to me earlier in the week during another of his life-lesson-pep-talks he always gives me, "Wisdom and life experience are what it's all about.  Pack your days with experiences."

It sometimes amazes me how an atheist like him and a Christian like me can be friends.  Who would have thought?  I've always sought to surround myself with people, especially those older than me, who have chosen to make the most of their life.  Everyone chooses their own paths in life, some motivated by success or love, others by fear.  Instead, I try to pave my own path driven by God's guidance.  He continues to fill my life with experiences, always showing his faithfulness in my life.  I am blessed beyond words for all the experiences in my life and both the good and the bad ahead of me.