Getting Older

On some days I tend to reminisce about how quickly time as passed. The older I get the more frequently I reminisce. I notice that people my age nowadays are project managers or directors or in some position of authority. I wonder if I could have made it there if I hadn't been laid off. Sometimes I wonder where I would be if I still had a job or a boyfriend. I picture myself living in my own apartment, riding my motorcycle to work everyday. Spending happy hour and nights with a boyfriend. It's nice to imagine the what-if's, but self-destructive if I dwell on it.

Having been "unemployed", living at home and car-less for the past two years, I've come to realize something both very bitter and uplifting about life. Life doesn't stop... it just keeps going. It's bitter because you may struggle to keep up with it or find yourself lost and unable to move on. However, it's entirely uplifting if when I remember that no matter what hardships I encounter, life keeps moving; new opportunities will come. Life continues to present me with happiness and things to keep me moving.

I think the way life works is all part of God's plan to give us hope and keep us motivated.

When I look at older people who have such a fervent love for life, I am reminded that I have so much of life to enjoy and even more to look forward to.

What a wonderful day!

9:30am I woke up, laid in bed and stared at my ceiling having some good quiet time. 10:30am I proceeded to check mail, do some urgent work, get ready and pack my computer stuff.

11:30am I was off to the city and out the door, but decided I was too early for the bus and went back inside to check my phone bill. Those extra moments inside the house made it possible to see my sister and adorable little niece and nephew. Wonderful!

11:40am I bolted off to the bus when I got a great "hello, let's chat and catch up" phone call. Hopped on the bus but realized my smallest bill was a ten dollar bill. (and the bus people don't give you change for the $2 ticket) Remembering the jingle jangle of coins in my pants, I reached in and pulled out some coins. 50 cents! nuts! I asked two people for change for my 10. One girl didn't have any, and another girl ignored me. I proceeded to feed my ten dollar bill into the ticket machine thing for my $2 ticket when a cluster of older people yell out to me and ask me what I needed. A wonderful Hispanic grandma had $7 in ones and offered to just pay for my ticket, but then a grandpa motioned for me to come over. He asked to see my bill and pulled out the biggest wad of $1 bills I've ever seen pulled out of a pocket. He gave me $10 dollars in ones. Hurray! (what are the grandmas and grandpas doing with nothing but dollar bills in their pockets? :) )

12:00noon I arrive at bart and hop on the train. There's a seat facing forward available. Score!

12:30pm I check out Anthropologie to check out if this blouse that I saw in vegas was there. It was! (but in white and too see through...) BUT I found the CUTEST tailored dress for $19.00. Score.

12:45pm I get to my special, free wi-fi coffee shop and there's a seat/table open right by the window! woot.

Now! I'm getting tons of work done... aside from this break to write this post.

p.s. vegas was super rad and now I'm super tan. I think there is no hope of losing my swimsuit tan before my cousin's wedding. especially since I'm headed to the Raddest Photo Trip Ever in Thailand/Cambodia for a month right before the wedding)