In my opinion learning and teaching is a part of any successful business.  Over the years I've learned a lot from some really amazing photographers that I admire.  I owe much of my success to them for their guidance and advice.  Now that I'm more established, there's so much that I could teach others.  So this year I've pursued sharing that knowledge with others.  

It started with speaking at Alt Summit in January.  Then teaching in San Francisco through Fullosophie.  And now, this weekend I'll be teaching a photography class through the Birmingham Bloggers at Revelator Coffee in downtown Birmingham.  I'm so excited! 

Who: Anyone who wants to take better pictures!
What: Photography 101
Where: Revelator Coffee, 1826 3rd Avenue North, Unit 101, Birmingham, AL 35203
When: August 22, 2015 at 4pm 

If you or anyone you know lives in Birmingham, AL let them know I'll be teaching a Photography 101 type class.  So anyone with a camera I'll teach you how to take better pictures, how to understand whatever camera you own and how to find your voice.