Yosemite Family Portrait Photographer Since my mom passed away, I think a lot about the relationship between mothers and their children.  I wonder what it is to have this deep bond with this little person who's wholly depending on you.  This little creature pops out of you and you love it. What's that like?

When I went to hawaii with my family I spent about ten days with my two nieces, and when I got home I experienced an unfamiliar sense of sadness.  I missed my nieces.  In truth, I've never missed a little person.  They're little.  It's not like I have deep heart to heart conversations with them.  I wouldn't describe myself as a kid person.  Sure I love babies but that's just because they're cute.  It was strange to say the least.

Nowadays most of my girlfriends are on their second babies.  Their families are growing, and it's incredible to watch.  It's crazy to see these women whom I've known for so long transition into these new roles as moms.  They're doing an amazing job.  And I admire them for this new outpouring of love that I see in them.

I love seeings moms with their little people. It certainly melts my heart. I'm looking forward to the day when I have some babies of my own.  It's not going to happen any time soon, but it makes me happy to imagine it in the horizon.

Yosemite Family Portrait Photographer

Vir & Karis. Yosemite. October 25, 2014 | Fuji x100s

One on One | Kim

Sometimes when you meet someone you know you're going to be great friends.  With Kim I knew that right away.  Something about her that told me she was genuine and lots of fun.  She's just so sweet!  And even though she might deny it, she's got all the photography talent and traveling experience I aim for. I'm so excited to go with her to Palm Springs this weekend! Yay!



Today was a long day. Actually it was only 4 hours. I photographed an event in the city and was in desperate need of a shower and sleep.  So I rode BART home in a bit of daze, falling in and out of sleep.  The train pulled up to my spot, and I gathered my belongings.  But as I looked over from my seat on BART, I saw this man and this light. It inspired me. I wondered what he was thinking, so serene and still.  Where was he going?  Where had he been?  I seek out these things when I photograph people.  I search for their stories in their eyes.

I love photography.

Portland Portrait Photography | Brittany.

I didn't meet Brittany until the day I flew into Portland when we had our photoshoot. But right away we fell into chatting and laughing and fun times. We actually had been talking for some time over facebook through a group we both belong to. It's funny how even though I hadn't met her in person yet, I already considered her a friend. She's a genius photographer and full of energy. I had such a wonderful time with her hanging out, visiting ikea and having a photoshoot in a parking garage. :) Here are her images of me. I really love how she captures such emotion in her pictures.