My traveling heart...

As I've said many times before, travel warms my heart.

I woke up thursday morning dazed, not realizing I had fallen asleep from the night before. Something felt uneasy. Something wasn't right. I gathered myself to start my day of traveling, when I saw it on my computer.... two words.  It was then that I realized why I felt so uncomfortable. Something was missing. To be quite honest, at the time I didn't know the translation of the words, but remarkably, at the moment those two words still represented so much to me: promises, the future, comfort, hope.

It reminded me of what a dear friend once said, "God loves you, Megan.  He can't wait till its the right time to lavish onto you what he's been saving up all this time.  He's a good Father;"  he spoke with such conviction and truth that his words stuck with me even when I wasn't sure God actually would.  Today those words rang especially true.  God is relentless in his pursuit of my heart.  And I would be a fool to ever forget it.  Nothing is sweeter than the fulfillment of His promises in my life. Somehow travel always coincides with these kinds of faithful realizations.