Book Twins in New York.

Amongst many of my favorite things to do, reading in New York is at the top of the list.  It seems I do most of my reading of the year in New York.  New York seems to be the most conducive to it.  I usually have less work and more time, and for some reason I can read on the New York subway without getting motion sickness.  Another reason, probably the most critical, why I read so much is because of these two ladies.

These two are true readers.

I love going somewhere and reading with friends.  It sounds simple enough but it takes a certain kind of person to read for hours with.  I love that Karen and Balie have found that in each other.  They swap books and talk about books and swoon over books.  They talk about authors I've never heard of.  And are reading a different book every time I see them.  I love it.  I really love it.

So last year when it was beautiful out, we went around reading and taking some pictures.  It was loads of fun. :D

Day 006: Kindergarten Days

100day006 "Today I saw a funny shark in a book." The other week I spent my unemployed time volunteer at the school where my mother teaches. She's a kindergarten teacher with 28 students. The children were absolutely adorable. It was really amazing to see how they learn, especially how they figure out to spell. This sentence was pretty good, I thought. One day, a class of fifth grades came to our class to read to the little kids. The picture above is of one of the kindergartens writing a brief book report about the book that was read to him.

My Dream House

Despite being an architect, I don't have a finite idea of what my dream house would be. Rather, I have many random details that I would love which include....wood laminate flooring, lots of storage, exposed rafter ceilings... but most of all. I MUST have a reading room with wall to wall shelves of books, books, books. See below. I'm in love.

Picture taken from Rearranged Design