Kimberly & Dominic

I was so excited when Kimberly contacted me about shooting her wedding. Kim did my bridesmaids and my makeup for my wedding so I liked how it was almost full-circle to photograph her wedding. I love that she and Dominic married early in the morning in a short and sweet ceremony at San Francisco City Hall, followed by a lunch reception at The Commissary at the Presidio.  You really can't go wrong with the San Francisco City Hall. It's absolutely gorgeous with beautiful architectural details and light. 

Throughout Kimberly and Dominic's wedding day, I kept thinking, "This is how weddings should be done." The focus of their day was getting married and celebrating with their family and friends, which was refreshing. Nowadays I notice how a lot of weddings are productions, filled with entertainment and details that have nothing to do with the couple or even getting married, really.  But I loved how Kimberly and Dominic's wedding was so fun and unfussy.. Let's get married. Let's celebrate. And let's have some really good food.  (The food was amazing, btw. I got a little fan girl when I realized Top Chef had one of their "Quick-Fire Challenges" at The Commissary. eeee.) Their wedding was minimalist, yet so beautiful both in the details and the celebration of their marriage. 

City hall ceremony + lunch reception ftw. 

p.s. Fun fact: Kim is my sister-in-law, Alison's, sister, and a couple days before the wedding I found out that my brother, Ryan, was going to officiate the wedding!  (If you thought the officiant looked a bit like me, now you know!)  I may be biased, but I was impressed by his officiating. His words were wise and beautiful. High fives to him! 


Ceremony Venue: San Francisco City Hall
Reception Venue:  The Commissary
Floral Design: Ha Rue Floral

Coordination: Monica Gon
Dress: Reformation

San Francisco, CA. September 23, 2016 | Canon 5d markii assorted lenses