RPTE 12: Nightlife

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 4: Bangkok

I didn't experience "nightlife" in Bangkok, but I did go out at night to explore the night markets and the life at night. I really enjoyed the drive through the crowded streets at night. Beautiful. These pictures don't do Bangkok any justice! By the way, the pink taxi cabs were our favorite, for no particular reason except we loved the vibrancy of it.  All of Bangkok is so brightly colored with people who are so incredibly friendly.

Ninja Style

I will be leaving for Bangkok in THREE DAYS!!! I will be going on The Raddest Photo Trip EVER with Bobby Earle. The trip starts Tuesday, December 8, but I'll be arriving on Friday to explore Bangkok! My flight to Bangkok has a layover in Narita, Japan, where I'll actually meet up with a couple that's also on my early flight to Bangkok. I originally booked my hostel about three months ago, but being a scaredy cat, I decided to splurge on a hotel in order to stay with the couple.

Here's when I got all Ninja Style!

The man of the couple decided to stay at LUXX hotel because another girl was staying at the Old Bangkok Inn and the LUXX is close to it, but cheaper. I made a reservation through the hotel.... but then the hotel emailed me to tell me they were completely booked. Poop! I looked around to see if there were any other hotels in the area, but none as cute, cheap or safe. Remembering that sometimes hotels reserve rooms for third party sites (and therefore thinks it's completely booked even though the third party hasn't actually sold the rooms yet) I searched my trusty Kayak optimistically. Thankfully, I found two available rooms. I booked a room at the LUXX for about ten dollars cheaper than on the hotel website. Woot.