Japanese Masking Tape. Buy smart, buy cheap.

So in hopes of grabbing some japanese masking tape for myself I think I've found the best sites! So here is my review of the following etsy sites as well as Happy Tape at Big Cartel. My general ranking of Etsy shops that sell japanese masking tape: 1. Happy Tape at Etsy: cheapest overall to buy in bulk, lots of variety.  Cheaper shipping than at Big Cartel 2. Gingko Papers: a color coordinated 3-pack for a steal of $7.00, $2.00 shipping (cheapest you'll find, other shops will sell the same pack in the same packaging for $15!!! ) such this or that. Packs come in every basic color of the rainbow. 3. lovepetitzakkajapan: a real wide variety of packs (pair, 5, 10), singles, lots of solids and unique patterns, dark tape packs, yay! 4. Talk to the Wind : $8.00 for a pair of solid tapes. steal! (but only two packs listed in shop) here and here. 5. Washimatta: for the more rare patterns, also sells some of the same multi packs as Happy Tape at Etsy

In general, the following 20 pack was pretty much the same price for everywhere. But I found the BEST place to buy is from Happy Tape at Etsy because it had the lowest shipping (even lower than at Big Cartel where shipping is slightly more expensive than the etsy shop)

If you're looking for packs, try Happy Tape at Etsy that carries large packs and the cheapest shipping. The following packs that I like are shown below. (which can only be found at Happy Tape Etsy)

*shipping costs listed are to US and prices are in USD