a very merry 30th

I have five older siblings and two sibling-in-laws. With so many sibbies, you can imagine we have many birthday celebrations. By the end of 2008, everyone will be... 39, 33, 32, 30, 29, 27, 27, 24 (that's me!) Well. As you can see... it's the "30 year old season" for my family. With two successful 30th birthday parties under our belt, we took on our third, my third eldest sister. Among games, bowling and a slideshow, we thought it'd be cute to make matching tshirts for all the guests. Limited on time, I kept the design simple--very simple. We whipped out about 25 of these bad boys in one night. It was great! 26screenprinting1.jpg

btw.. my sister's name starts with an "m" if you hadn't guessed, and she likes stars. simple... but i liked the overall effect.