Happy Veteran's Day

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Happy Veteran's Day!

I'm so proud to have two veterans in my family. My grandfather (above) fought in World War II in the US Army, and my father (below) fought in the Vietnam War, also with the army. As an Asian-American it means so much to have these two men in my family history and be able to say our family was a part of American history.

Whatever you think politically or about war, we should all be thanking the veterans for their sacrifice.  They give up time with their families and most importantly, put their lives in danger, all for the sake of protecting the rest of us.  On this day, remember both the living and passed soldiers and give them the honor and respect they all deserve. 

Fun fact: Veteran's don't always get Veteran's Day off, ironically, but they do get free meals! Last year, my dad and I spent the day taking advantage of all the different restaurants and establishments that honored veterans! So below are pictures of my dad from our breakfast at Denny's (that we woke up at 5am for) and our dinner with my sisters at Olive Garden! We had so much fun. Yum!