my life, the adventure

You may have wondered, "Hey! Why isn't crafty architect posting?" As you may have deduced.... I am busy. =) Well, the simple reason is... I've been working 50-60 hours a week. My firm has recently ascertained some really great retail clients, and the powers that be have decided that I will be working on the first project of each of those clients. So... I've been working for a month on this huge/great H&M store in the West Coast. Since it's our first project with the client, there's a lot of work to be done. So.. that is where my 50-60 hours a week have been going. And, being the almost recent college graduate that I am (I graduated 9 months ago), I've only been working at my current job for about four months. And of course, being a newly initiated member of the full-time job club, it's been hard to acclimate myself to the 40 hour work week, let along the 50-60 hour work week. I.e. I work, get home, then sleep!

But as stated in my previous post, I have managed to find time for those simple pleasures in life. Here is just one...

Museum exploring with my boyfriend.

this tree is so beautiful! 019deyong01.jpg

This was a painting of a train. I thought the strokes and colors of the smoke were stunning. 019deyong02.jpg

nice fist, yeah? 019deyoung03.jpg

whimsical man 019deyoung04.jpg

i love the vibrant color palette 019deyoung05.jpg

There was this great wood sculpture that looked like it was carved with a chainsaw.. 019deyoung06.jpg

Here are some burnt pieces of stuff. The amazing thing was that collectively it formed a real pristine cube. Really, pretty amazing, I'd say. 019deyoung07.jpg

Some random junk pasted together. I really like the curiousity that this piece induces. Imagine that this is on a huge, huge piece and there's all these little bits tacked on together! eeks! 019deyoung08.jpg

Just a really beautiful shadow created by hanging glass pieces 019deyoung09.jpg

I love this picture... it just makes me want to sit and reflect. The mood of the room was so peaceful. 019deyoung10.jpg

I wonder what this man was thinking... 019deyoung11.jpg

I wonder what this woman was thinking. Her eyes are so intense and focused. 019deyoung12.jpg

I love buildings 019deyoung131.jpg

I love the little nooks and crannys of buildings 019deyoung14.jpg

Look at how the angle of the tower corresponds to the perspective of the roof of the main building. Isn't that great architecture, or what! 019deyoung15.jpg

On to the next adventure!!!