paris | exploring the city

“Not all those who wander are lost.”― J.R.R. Tolkien

One of my favorite ways to see a city is to wander and explore.  Thanks to getting lost (whoops) I saw a lot of paris.  When I first visited Paris it was fall, so I enjoyed seeing Paris in this wintery weather.  I hoped it would snow, but it didn't.  Nuts!  Jonas, who we stayed with, told us that the sun never comes in Paris, but the following day the sun was out for the remainder of our trip.  In fact it rained the first day there but as our trip progressed the weather improved.

Something I never really noticed the first time was the beautiful architecture of the "ordinary" buildings.  I love how beautiful and simply decorated these apartment buildings are.  Most of the buildings I saw were beautiful like these.  Our neighborhood was covered in these beautifully charming buildings.

And Paris was alive with wintery decorations.  It almost felt like I was spending Christmas in Paris.  I loved the holiday feel of Paris.

august adventure 15: the little things

Dance of a Nomad: Day 5, Fargo, North Dakota I pride myself on enjoying the little things in life. Whether it be the bus driver who let me pay $2 instead of $6 for fare or the way overpass by my house casts shadows. When I'm shooting, I try to find those little things that are quickly overlooked or forgotten.

Katie's office building had a classic architectural design aesthetic. And, being an architect, I loved it.