The cute books I made at the Center for the Book. There were four workshops. I only have pictures of the books I made from two of the workshops. The first workshop is an 11x17 cardstock sheet with the bottom third folded up, then all of that is folded into the book. On the inside of the book, a scene is drawn. There is a background drawn on the 2/3 area and the foreground is drawn on the third that's been folded up. On the backside of the book is the Cover and the "book report" area for the kids to write about the story and their thoughts. What I really like is that you make a slit in the horizontal fold (or what they call the hot dog fold.. vertical is the hamburger fold) between the 1st and 3rd vertical folds and foreground pops out for a great 3D effect. These are my fictional books. My mother made one with a bridge, a troll and the three billy goats bluff. sweet!

"Penguin Pete"


(if you can't tell... i really liked making these books!)

Here's the other workshop book I made. This book used old library card holders connected by accordion folded paper. Each card holder is glued on to a fold; when the accordion is folded, the cardholders sit on top of each other, and when the accordion is pulled out, the cardholders are staggered as seen below. We then made little books from 8.5x11 papers and slipped them in the card holders. On each little book could be different things. With the mini books, the kids could write their own little story or write a book report on each... or use each mini book as a chapter in a big story.... lots of great ideas!

Mine is very simple. I like things simple. =)

For instructions or resources.. contact me by leaving a comment. The Center of the Book should be emailing me shortly with all the instructions and templates.. or contact them directly! They're a great resource!