K & D photo shoot extravaganza!

So remember my "Me + Photograph You = Free" post?   I got a few buddies to volunteer!  So my first buddies to pose and look beautiful in front of my 30D were Katy & Dan! I snapped some pictures at their wedding a year ago, and I love to see how I've improved and changed since then. I think I'm really learning about photography and my camera; looking back at my pictures of their wedding, I'm thinking the pictures look dark and a bit poopy..  (and that border around the pictures is sooooo ugly!) So I'm glad I'm making some progress! Here are some teasers from their pumpkin patch shoot. (the pictures got kind of washed out /desaturated when I uploaded to wordpress) 315katydanteasers1




I really have to admit I had no idea what to do when we got the pumpkin patch. With only second shooter experience, I've never had to conduct a photo shoot of any type. I really lucked out with all the ideas Katy and Dan had to offer. Most, if not all, of these poses and concepts were theirs! I especially loved the "Um... do you want to shoot here? What about the sun?" comments from Dan. Way to look out! (I was so nervous, it didn't even occur to me where the sun was!) All in all, I learned a lot, and it was really wonderful to work with such supportive and patient people. Score.

Whether or not I really make any money or become famous or whatever... I've really been loving these learning experiences.

p.s. Love the plaid shirts and boots that both K & D donned!