Day 216: Pumpkin Carving 102

I've never done the typical Halloween festivities. In fact, I usually don't dress up. As a kid, I dressed up once as a cheetah. I wore footy pajamas and my mom made a mask/headdress for me. Then in college one of my costumes was a army person, then another I wore volleyball gear but everyone thought I was a softball player, so I just went with it. After college I was Waldo from "Where's Waldo?" and a Raider football player. Needless to say, I was a newb when I tried to carve my first pumpkin (I used a swiss army knife and a plastic knife because I didn't know there was such a thing as pumpkin carving knives). Anyway... I digress..... This year was my second time attempting to carve a pumpkin, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. And although I tried, unsuccessfully, to make a dinosaur, I rediscovered my fondness for beady eyes. Maybe that's why I dated that guy Dan back in college. haha. He looked like a (good-looking) muppet with beady eyes. :)