Day 216: Pumpkin Carving 102

I've never done the typical Halloween festivities. In fact, I usually don't dress up. As a kid, I dressed up once as a cheetah. I wore footy pajamas and my mom made a mask/headdress for me. Then in college one of my costumes was a army person, then another I wore volleyball gear but everyone thought I was a softball player, so I just went with it. After college I was Waldo from "Where's Waldo?" and a Raider football player. Needless to say, I was a newb when I tried to carve my first pumpkin (I used a swiss army knife and a plastic knife because I didn't know there was such a thing as pumpkin carving knives). Anyway... I digress..... This year was my second time attempting to carve a pumpkin, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. And although I tried, unsuccessfully, to make a dinosaur, I rediscovered my fondness for beady eyes. Maybe that's why I dated that guy Dan back in college. haha. He looked like a (good-looking) muppet with beady eyes. :)




Day 215: Pumpkin Patch.

The colors of fall are so amazing. Autumn is my favorite season and it never fails to amaze me in beauty. It's so interesting how fall is colored by dying plants, but yet those browns, reds, yellows and oranges are so brilliant... more brilliant than the greens and colors of spring. I love fall. And aren't the colors of these pumpkins just the perfect color? 329day215