Day 216: Pumpkin Carving 102

I've never done the typical Halloween festivities. In fact, I usually don't dress up. As a kid, I dressed up once as a cheetah. I wore footy pajamas and my mom made a mask/headdress for me. Then in college one of my costumes was a army person, then another I wore volleyball gear but everyone thought I was a softball player, so I just went with it. After college I was Waldo from "Where's Waldo?" and a Raider football player. Needless to say, I was a newb when I tried to carve my first pumpkin (I used a swiss army knife and a plastic knife because I didn't know there was such a thing as pumpkin carving knives). Anyway... I digress..... This year was my second time attempting to carve a pumpkin, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. And although I tried, unsuccessfully, to make a dinosaur, I rediscovered my fondness for beady eyes. Maybe that's why I dated that guy Dan back in college. haha. He looked like a (good-looking) muppet with beady eyes. :)




Fall in love.

I came across this post by Jordan Ferney, a San Francisco based (awesome) party planner.  She listed the do's and don'ts of college.  Here's her list.  

1. Don't kiss lame boys even if they are a little cute. You'll regret it later.

2. Fall in love with someone new every single day. Crushes are new and exciting.

3. Don't sign up for credit cards or give personal information to anyone who wants it. It's not worth that free t-shirt or king sized Snickers bar they are offering. 4. If your friend dates a boy you hate, stay out of it. 5. Go to all the free lectures and activities they offer, even if you are busy and tired. 6. Throw lots of themed parties: Pink Party, Hair Party, Middle School Party. 7. Don't move home for the summer. You think it is a good idea because you miss it but after two weeks it will just be really depressing. Instead do an internship somewhere fun or get a job in an exotic locale. 8. Take art classes even if you aren't an art major. (This one might be me projecting my own regret.) 9. Don't get your hair done by the local hair school students. It will always end bad. 10. Make cookies every Sunday and take them to friends and cute boys. Do this especially when you get depressed or sad. 11. If you can't get in a class you want because it is full--don't take no for an answer. 12. Join clubs and maybe start one yourself. 13. If you get a job in college don't work too much. They are only paying you minimum wage. In five years you'll make quadruple that and your time in college is precious. Better to spend your time studying or working for free somewhere cool or doing an internship to further your career. 14. Go camping a lot and go on lots of road trips. 15. Find the girls that dress cool, make friends with them and ask them to help dress you. (speaking from experience here)  16. If it rains go dance in it. 17. Don't park illegally even for a minute. College campuses are crawling with meter maids who WILL GET YOU. 18. Get a Vespa. 19. Never schedule a class before 10am. Don't do that to yourself. 20. Watch lots of foreign films and go to lots of concerts even if you don't have the money. That is what college is for.

I really enjoyed the list and wish that I had a lot more free time to have done all the activities I wanted when I was in college, but taking five hour labs three days a week and 20 units a quarter didn't really allow it. Either way, I had a glorious college experience and love this list.