RPTE 28: I love Elephants

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 10: Kanchanaburi

I love that Thailand celebrates the amazing creature that is the elephant. Ever since my days watching the cartoon, Babar, as a child, I've held elephants in a special place in my heart. When Bobby said we'd be hanging out, riding and bathing with the elephants, I could not contain the excitement within me. (click on the images below for larger size)

In pairs we each rode an elephant.  We walked in a line and enjoyed the scenery.

These are two different elephants, but  I love old people and elephants so old elephants I love for sure!

King and Queen of the jungle.  Their elephant driver person made these hats for them.

He loves his elephant

Momma elephant and baby elephant

I like the color of this step on the tuk-tuk

Cutest couple ever?  Yes, I think so.

Bobby was amazed how great Amy's picture was.  :)

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