RPTE 33: Film

Raddest Photo Trip Ever


Aside from a few minor inconveniences, I actually really enjoy shooting with film. I still get excited when I develop my film, wondering how each picture will turn out. I shot my europe trip with a fisheye Lomography camera and that was loads of fun, but the camera was rather bulky. For this trip I decide to use my ultra-wide and slim camera. In hindsight I should have tried to shoot more close up shots (most of these pictures were landscape photos). Anyways... here's some of the pictures I got developed. (the pictures shot on 800 film turned out better than those on the 400 film) 

*Click on the images below for a larger view

At the Grand Palace in Bangkok

Enjoying a refreshing beverage on the beach of Phi Phi Island near Phuket, Thailand

On the train from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi

Taking tuk tuks to our hotel in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

The view of my elephant as I straddled his neck.

On another tuk-tuk

In a car on another adventure

At Angkor enjoying the sunset at the ruins

One of my first glimpses of the ruins of Angkor. Amazing.....

At the Tomb Raider and Raiders of the Lost Ark ruins... Bayon Temple, I think?

On a hike to some "underwater" ruins and a waterfall.  This is favorite shot from my film.  Dane and Josh climbed a rock to snap a great picture of the surrounding scenery.

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RPTE 32: Choo Choo!

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 12: Travel

We woke up bright and early to take a train from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok where we took tuk-tuks to a larger train station in Bangkok, Hua Lamphong, to take our train to the border of Thailand and Cambodia. The first train was easy. I walked around and sat in the caboose of the train. The second train ride was deadly.

As the train pulled into the station, crowds of people pushed and shoved, trying to predict where the doors of the train would end up. With the help of one of the vendors (who told me where the door would stop), I pushed my way on to the train with my suitcase and managed to snag seats for me and my lovely roommate, Erika. With all our luggage the whole group boarded the train and found seats. That vendor lady definitely played a part in finding seats...

I used these set of pictures as a test run of the Totally Rad Actions... specifically the "Get Faded (winter)" action, which I find myself drawn to. I use presets and actions to edit Junshien's pictures, but for my own pictures I rarely use actions/presets unless I use my resize/border/watermark action. So I was pretty stoked to use the TRA's.  (These pictures document the train ride from Bangkok to the Thai/Cambodia border.  Click on the images below for a larger view.)

This first picture I didn't use any actions or presets. I switched the picture to grayscale, then converted it back to RGB, then increase the orange. I like the result.

The rest of these images I only used "Get Faded (winter)", then did the rest of the editing myself. While this woman was awake, we exchanged a handful of "How do you do?!" smiles.

I like to takes pictures of my feet and where they've been... (Even though I strongly dislike my feet. I'm a walking contradiction, I know)

I really love this shot I snapped of Nick

I woke up just in time for the sunset.

We made it to our hotel. It was the cleanest, most modern hotel we stayed in. (All our other hotels were very charming, though)

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RPTE 31: Erawan Falls

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 11: Kanchanaburi

On this day we headed out to the Erawan Falls National Park, to experience some truly breath-taking waterfalls. Erawan Falls consists of seven tiers, which are basically seven areas of different waterfalls. The non-swimmer in me was elated with the shallow water and endless supply of trees to climb. (click on the pictures below for larger viewing)

If I recall, this is tier 2

This one is beautiful. Who knows which tier it is.

I love the criss-cross of these falls.

Tier 7 was pretty awesome. We spent a good amount of time here. I climbed rocks and was eaten by creepy fish

There was a monkey who followed the tourists around.

He had no fear.

Another beauty.

The different levels of this fall was very visually pleasing to my eye. This fall was also a play where you jump off the falls into pool of water (which happened to only shoulder high)

At another fall, you could slide down the rocks into the pool. The rock behind this guy is the slide. This guy decided to do some gnarly jumps off the rock slide.

Another fall.

Our hotel rooms were on a floating raft, but we would congregate and eat some of our meals at the hotel "lobby". The "lobby" was this beautiful porch, lit up in orange in the picture. It created a perfect place for hanging out, getting to know each other and relaxing.

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RPTE 28: I love Elephants

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 10: Kanchanaburi

I love that Thailand celebrates the amazing creature that is the elephant. Ever since my days watching the cartoon, Babar, as a child, I've held elephants in a special place in my heart. When Bobby said we'd be hanging out, riding and bathing with the elephants, I could not contain the excitement within me. (click on the images below for larger size)

In pairs we each rode an elephant.  We walked in a line and enjoyed the scenery.

These are two different elephants, but  I love old people and elephants so old elephants I love for sure!

King and Queen of the jungle.  Their elephant driver person made these hats for them.

He loves his elephant

Momma elephant and baby elephant

I like the color of this step on the tuk-tuk

Cutest couple ever?  Yes, I think so.

Bobby was amazed how great Amy's picture was.  :)

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