RPTE 28: I love Elephants

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 10: Kanchanaburi

I love that Thailand celebrates the amazing creature that is the elephant. Ever since my days watching the cartoon, Babar, as a child, I've held elephants in a special place in my heart. When Bobby said we'd be hanging out, riding and bathing with the elephants, I could not contain the excitement within me. (click on the images below for larger size)

In pairs we each rode an elephant.  We walked in a line and enjoyed the scenery.

These are two different elephants, but  I love old people and elephants so old elephants I love for sure!

King and Queen of the jungle.  Their elephant driver person made these hats for them.

He loves his elephant

Momma elephant and baby elephant

I like the color of this step on the tuk-tuk

Cutest couple ever?  Yes, I think so.

Bobby was amazed how great Amy's picture was.  :)

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RPTE 19: Another amazing day


Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 11: Kanchanaburi

Today started like any other day... almost. 

I woke up at 7am, thinking I needed to wake up early for our first excursion.  I wandered out of my room to the hallway that adjoins everyone's room, where I found Amy also wandering the hall.  We were trying to find out when we were leaving.  So after listening in on some rooms, we found out we didn't need to leave until 9:15am.  I took my merry time and tasted a yummy, fluffy banana pancake.

We crammed into an interesting vehicle I can only describe as a small version of those big army trucks that transport soldiers. We finally arrive at the elephant park, where we're greeted by an albino python and a super cute large elephant.  And let me tell you... Babar was my favorite cartoon growing up, so I've always had a special spot for elephants.  This particular elephant was very large, with pink freckles and extra long tusks.  He was so sweet.  I'll have to post pictures soon!

We hopped on to these elephants and that's when all the fun started!

Two people sat on each elephant on these seats that were mounted on to them.  The ride was real relaxing, and I spent a lot of it taking pictures of the other people on their respective elephant.  My elephant was large and manly... I loved him, of course!  Halfway through the walk, the man riding and "driving" the elephant jumped off to take pictures of us with his camera.  He then proceeded to tell me to ride bare-back on the elephant's next.  It was sooooo great. 

Our guy was quite the photographer. 

Our elephants led us to an open area where we de-elephanted.  We met up with them in river where we mounted them again.  The elephants walked around in the water and we tried to bathe them.  It was incredible. 

Afterwards, we saw the itty-bitty-est baby elephant with its mother.

After our elephant adventure, we went to see the tigers at Tiger Canyon, about an hour or so away from our hotel.  We went to see the tigers, who were lying around in canyon.  Each person was escorted by a guide while another guide took pictures of each of us with the tiger with our camera.  Later I played with young tigers.  FUN!

When we got back to the hotel, I relaxed for a bit, then hopped onto the back of a scooter to explore the city.  I saw tons of exciting stuff including a poodle riding on the back seat of a scooter (with out any seat belt or anything)

My day ended with a fantastic massage (although the person dislocated my shoulder) and a slumber party!