RPTE 33: Film

Raddest Photo Trip Ever


Aside from a few minor inconveniences, I actually really enjoy shooting with film. I still get excited when I develop my film, wondering how each picture will turn out. I shot my europe trip with a fisheye Lomography camera and that was loads of fun, but the camera was rather bulky. For this trip I decide to use my ultra-wide and slim camera. In hindsight I should have tried to shoot more close up shots (most of these pictures were landscape photos). Anyways... here's some of the pictures I got developed. (the pictures shot on 800 film turned out better than those on the 400 film) 

*Click on the images below for a larger view

At the Grand Palace in Bangkok

Enjoying a refreshing beverage on the beach of Phi Phi Island near Phuket, Thailand

On the train from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi

Taking tuk tuks to our hotel in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

The view of my elephant as I straddled his neck.

On another tuk-tuk

In a car on another adventure

At Angkor enjoying the sunset at the ruins

One of my first glimpses of the ruins of Angkor. Amazing.....

At the Tomb Raider and Raiders of the Lost Ark ruins... Bayon Temple, I think?

On a hike to some "underwater" ruins and a waterfall.  This is favorite shot from my film.  Dane and Josh climbed a rock to snap a great picture of the surrounding scenery.

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