RPTE 34: OoofTa!

Anyone tired of hearing about my trip yet? It's Christmas Eve, and all I've got on my brain is my Raddest Photo Trip Ever buddies. My body is unable to cope with California time, as I up at 3am and just ate "dinner" at 1:30am. It's hard not to miss everyone. Facebook is blowing up with posted photos, updated statuses and endless supplies of comments and "likes". I spent nearly 19 days with these people, and everything I've learned from them remains fresh in my mind. I love to travel and see the world. I love learning about new cultures and experiencing life from another person's point of view. I knew I'd experience all that from the locals, but upon meeting the different people of RPTE coming from different walks of life from all over the U.S., I realized I'd be learning much, much more than I had expected.

There were the photo skills I learned. How the pros edit their photos. What lenses are good for different situations... but that's not the lessons I've learned or the things I've come to appreciate.

I didn't become best friends with every single person in the group, but there was something amazing about each person that I took with me as we all parted

Erika: Her eagerness to take care of others. Erin: I think she's my long lost kindred spirit Richelle: Her dedication to her craft Cherish: I admire her carefree spirit and sincerity Amy: There's too much I liked about her to condense in just a sentence Katie: I love her sassy-ness and honesty Hannah: Her kindness is apparent in how she treated all those she met. Josh: His optimistic and romantic views on life Dane: He was always there to help others Nick: His eagerness and excitement in everything he did Andrea: Her willingness to break out of her shell and learn new things Lindsay: Her sweet personality Bobby: How people wherever we went loved him.

Anyone would be lucky to be go on a trip with these guys..... With that, here's a picture from Josh