Las Vegas Red Rocks | Katie.

I have to say... I didn't know I had it in me to take these pictures.  In the past I've taken some portraits that were pretty good or decent, but I didn't feel especially impressed with my work.  On this shoot... maybe because there were other people also directing and choosing the good light and spots... the final product was better.  Either way, I'm pretty happy that I'm progressing as a photographer.  I love to learn, and this was an amazing learning experience. Richelle and Katie were awesome to shoot with.  If you get a chance to see Richelle's picture, every picture looks like a picture out of an Anthropologie catalog.  Amazing!

To check out the whole photo shoot, check this out!

Desert Photo Shoot

Richelle had this amazing idea to go out to the Red Rocks and shoot Katie's headshots. I needed some more pictures for my portfolio and some headshots for my new website, so I was amped to go. The drive there was brief and pleasant because I fell asleep after being in the car for five minutes. Even though the Red Rocks were gorgeous, it was a bit nippy. I had a fun time shooting with both ladies and seeing how they directed each other. Each lady had her own style in front and behind the camera, and it was such a treat to see the work we produced!

Here's pictures of the setup...Hmmm. Can you say gorgeous?!

So the picture below is blurry, try to ignore that... but this is a picture I love to capture--the behind the scenes picture. :)  p.s. if I could second shoot my whole life I'd have a blast.  Life is good.

for the whole photoshoot check this out!

Before & After | A desert photo shoot.

Here's a before and after picture of a picture by Richelle that I edited. Here's what I did....- adjust curves, levels and color - apply lux soft at 10% - sharpen, increase contrast and increase blacks in the eyes - smooth my furled brow - brighten my clothes - get rid of the hair in my face!

The picture was taken when Richelle, Katie and I went out to the Red Rocks in Las Vegas after WPPI.