RPTE 36: Sunset, anyone?

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 13: Cambodia

On our very first night in Cambodia, we headed out to Angkor for a brief hike to enjoy the sunset from one of the temples.  There were lots of tourists.  The sunsets were spectacular.  All the sunset pictures in this post weren't post-processed, so these are straight out of the camera.  The sunset was just that amazing.  (The last three pictures were processed though!)

* Click on the pictures below for a larger view!

This one Chinese lady kept crowding me and getting in my pictures, so I thought hey... she's more interesting than all these generic sunset pictures I've been taking!  So this is my picture of her taking her 100th sunset picture...  :)

How awesome would this be!  Hot air balloon ride at sunset.  Riding in a balloon is on my bucket list.

This picture can't even come close to how amazing the actual sunset was.  Everything's better when you're in a foreign country.

Red at night, sailor's delight!

I love this picture.  The colors are amazing.

Here's Bobby doing his thing and setting up for a group picture.

Me + sunset on Amy's sunglasses

Amy enjoying the ride home in the tuk-tuk

My green helmet buddy (Mr. Kun) taking us home!

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