august adventure 16: luke's lobster

Dance of a Nomad: Day 7, Upper East Side, New York, New York Take a moment to bask in the deliciuosness that is the seafood (below) from Luke's Lobster. Super yum!

I had been craving seafood before I went to New York, so when I saw Luke's Lobster on Karen's list of suggested eating yummies, I immediately wanted to try it out.  I went with Katy and we got the Noah's Ark, which was basically two Taste of Maine's (half a shrimp roll, half a crab roll, half a lobster roll, two crab claws, chips and a drink!).  I love shrimp and everything was tasty, but the lobster roll was the best, and the crab roll was a close second.  Also, the cocktail sauce that came with meal was the best I've ever had.

I enjoyed Luke's Lobster so much, I had it three times while in New York and probably would have eaten it more times if I had the chance.  drool.