New York Wedding Photographer | Tianne & Yam Ki

Tianne & Yam Ki.  What can I say about these two? I love seeing them together. I remember the first time I met Tianne. My friend Karen was living with her in New York, and even though she had just returned from a long day of traveling, she greeted us with her usual cheerfulness.  Tianne is the kind of person who could walk into a room of strangers and come out with tons of new friends.  How she meets people is beyond me, and even crazier is how she manages to make each person she talks to feel as if they've known her for years.  So it's no wonder she found a great guy like Yam Ki.  I also remember the first time I met him.  I think they had recently started dating.  A handful of friends were having dinner and Yam Ki seemed to have picked every single delicious item on the menu (or maybe that Tianne choosing).  So that's how I remember him.  The guy who had the good food. Whenever I visited New York I loved catching up with Tianne, over the years really appreciated my friendship with her.  I remember when she told me she didn't like the boy I was seeing and that he wasn't good enough for me.  The whole situation was pretty comical to me, as up until then I thought Tianne loved everyone.  My friendship with Tianne grew and the stories of Yam Ki increased as well.  Eventually I got to a point where I kept on asking Karen, who remained her roommate, when Tianne and Yam Ki were getting married.  Last spring Tianne moved to DC where Yam Ki was living, and even though I was sad I was sooooooo excited for her as I new this was a huge step in their relationship.

I couldn't be happier that Yam Ki and Tianne are getting married.  Like their engagement session, I can't wait to be a part of their love and silliness.  (check out the video I took of their engagement session to see their hilariousness first hand!)

New York | Central Park

It's been a while since I've traveled.  But I'm happy to have stayed inside for most of this week to my editing and reading.  I realized, though, that I haven't posted most of my traveling pictures.  I'll try to update.  As anyone who knows me knows, I travel to New York often.  Park of my New York routine is visiting Central Park.  Usually I'll have a picnic and/or read on a lawn somewhere.  Being in Central Park makes me wish Golden Gate Park was more accessible and walkable.

New York | Shake Shack'n

Because of some great friends, I learned the joys of eating while traveling.  Sometimes I miss New York just for the food.  The rice and chicken. The soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai.  The pork buns at Momofuku.  The macarons at Buchon Bakery. The crab roll at Luke's Lobster.  That's just the start of it. New York has so much delicious food.  On this March trip I went to a few of my New York staples, but also tried some new ones. Shake Shack is one of my staples.  I don't always eat here when I visit, but when I do I always have the mushroom burger and the cheesy fries.  DELICIOUS.  The light was very pretty this day that Karen and I visited.

New York | Kelly


So in celebration of Kelly's birthday today, a blog post in her honor!

I had been reading stalking Kelly's blog for some time.  I love all the scrapbooking and new-york-lovin she does on her blog.  When I went to New York in January I visited the restaurants she talked about on her blog, like the Mermaid Inn.  (It was delicious.)  She seemed like a such a fun person from what I read on her blog that I reached out to her on that January New York trip to see if she'd be interested in a photoshoot.  And she was!  Her enthusiasm was very exciting for me.  We took a short walk around Madison Square Park, snapping some pictures of her, then headed to starbucks for a chat.  (Fun!) Then headed back over to the park for some night shots.

Oh it was such a fun time!  Kelly was such a joy to photograph and so interesting to talk to.

Here's her take on the shoot!