august adventure 17: museum mayhem.

Dance of a Nomad: Day 7, MET and Museum of Natural History, New York, New York I know it's not august anymore and neither am I still on my trip, but I always love to recap my trips.

Despite all my adventures in New York, I've never visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I thought it was too crowded and expensive (which I still kind of think).  I love museums, so I thought it'd be nice to visit anyways.  I chose the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Katy chose the Museum of Natural History.  Although both were filled with a bunch of old stuff, I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the museums;  I'm not sure I could spend more time there (we spent maybe a couple of hours at both).

I do, however, love getting lost in museums.  Here in the city (San Francisco, where I'm sitting in a coffee shop writing this post), I love the MoMA and the Asian Art Museum.  I think the Asian Art Museum is the most beautiful building in the city.  It's a former classically designed library with renovations and add-ons in a modern architectural language.  I would get married there if the whole forest thing doesn't work out for me.