august adventure 18: ramen rumble

Dance of a Nomad: Day 7, New York, New York After an all day adventure of lobster rolls and museums, Katy and I met up with our lovely host Karen for happy hour at the Southwest Porch on the southwest corner of Bryant Park.  Don't be deceived by the pink drink, the watermelon juice was thoroughly enjoyable.  Happy hour is the most incredible invention.  Whether or not you drink, it's just amazing; think: cheap drinks and cheap food.  Glorious.  And, because it's that awkward time between work and dinner, it's great to relax with a refreshing drink.  Happy hour makes me happy... (and for all of you non-believers in the glories of happy hour, Applebee's or Sonics happy hour may change your mind!)

The Southwest Porch was just a sort of resting place before our grand feast at Momofuku.  Since my last visit to New York, I've craved the ramen and pork bun tasties at Momofuku.  Plus, Momofuku's interior is pretty to look at.