august adventure 22: my coffee shop addiction follows me to new york

Dance of a Nomad: Day 13, New York, New York. I don't have any pictures of Days 9-12 because I got caught up having fun, and sometimes I feel odd to take pictures when there's only one other person.  I had a splendid time with Karen, enjoying church, going to a fair, listening to Public Enemy in Central Park, eating lots (eating Luke's Lobster again) and enjoying hte gorgeous New York weather.

During those unpictured days while Karen was at work, I pretended to be a New Yorker... spending afternoons in coffee shops, on lawns in central park, and trying to blend in as much as possible.

Having been away from home for two weeks, I wasn't feeling a bit homesick.  In fact, I didn't miss home at all during this trip (not even my bed!).  But when I got lost and found this coffee shop, I did feel at home.  I loved the lighting. I loved the people to stare at.  I loved my watermelon juice.  I loved the book I was reading.

Check out all the stalker pictures I took! :)