New York | Central Park

It's been a while since I've traveled.  But I'm happy to have stayed inside for most of this week to my editing and reading.  I realized, though, that I haven't posted most of my traveling pictures.  I'll try to update.  As anyone who knows me knows, I travel to New York often.  Park of my New York routine is visiting Central Park.  Usually I'll have a picnic and/or read on a lawn somewhere.  Being in Central Park makes me wish Golden Gate Park was more accessible and walkable.

Afternoon Nap

The weather's been great.  Perfect for a picnic and reading in Central Park. After a quick stop at the post office, I set out for Bouchon Bakery for my yummy macaron.  Wearing a dress, my legs enjoyed the warmth of the sun.  I spent most of the afternoon in Central Park finding good reading/picnicking spots.  I found some good spots.  Atop a high rock I watched softball and a special woman in particular who could not throw or catch for the life of her, but she had a very cute outfit: matching high socks, pinstripe shorts and a cute jersey.  At another spot I watched three siblings climb all around me.  At another spot I watched boaters and love boaters. :) I made my final stop at the Great Lawn, where I found the perfect tree to sit and read at, very reminiscent of Rory Gilmore.  I spent most of the day at the lovely tree, finishing nearly half of my book....

However, my people watching/stalking got the best of me.  I couldn't stop watching this man.  I'd wonder if he'd make a full roll or what curious noise he'd make or if he'd even wake up.  He even talked in his sleep!  He slept for nearly two hours.  What a trooper!  I stopped when at one point he pulled up his shirt in his sleep.  Kind of awkward, considering directly next to him was a herd of children and their mothers.